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‘Richard DesLauriers’ Boston: Where Is He Now? | Netflix

Richard DesLauriers Netflix: American Manhunt The Boston Marathon Bombing: The latest documentary series is now streaming on the platform in the English language the documentary is divided into three parts which investigate the bombing that took place in 2013 at the finishing line of the Boston Marathon resulting life of 3 people and many were injured after the incident.

So in this article, we are going to talk about one such person Richard DesLauriers who was in the FBI at that time.

Richard was an FBI special agent when this unfortunate incident took place, he was a very talented and intelligent agent and analyst.

He graduated with BA in politics from Assumption College, and a JD from Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law, according to him his great knowledge in liberal arts has allowed him to pursue his career and future as an FBI agent and he was happy with his job, as he played a very important role during the incident took place and led the team very greatly during the investigation.

However he retired from his job the same year when the incident took place in 2013 as a special agent who was at that time in charge of the FBI’s Boston field division, he has done many special and secrete projects for the FBI and successfully executed them, to know more about him and how he leads the team during this unfortunate incident took place you can see him in the latest Netflix documentary streaming now in the English language.



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