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Renfield Movie Summary And Ending Explained

Renfield Movie Summary And Ending Explained: The latest horror comedy is now in selected theaters and VOD and will soon be streaming on HBO or Prime Video. If you haven’t watched this movie or if you have and want a summary and explanation of the ending, then let’s dive straight into it.

The movie begins with a meeting of a self-help group for people who were in toxic relationships. Renfield is a member of the group, and he used to kill the toxic partners of the group members to fulfill his master Dracula’s bloodthirst. Renfield met Dracula 90 years ago when he was a lawyer, and some of Dracula’s blood entered his body, turning him into his assistant, who brought him the dead bodies of the people he killed. However, Renfield is tired of being Dracula’s assistant and wants to be set free.

But the body Renfield brings to Dracula is not enough, and Dracula demands a healthier victim. Renfield says he wants to be free after completing the task, which angers Dracula. Meanwhile, police officer Rebecca searches for clues related to Renfield’s previous crimes. Renfield is also present in the same restaurant, looking for people to hunt. A man approaches Rebecca and tells her how good he feels about her father’s death, for which her family is responsible. Renfield attacks him, and when he sees Rebecca, he feels a strong connection with her. Later, he brings the body to Dracula.

During a group meeting, Renfield realizes that he has helped Dracula for years without receiving anything in return. He also realizes that if he does not bring Dracula’s body, he will become weak. He decides to make Dracula weak. Bellafrancesca, the head of the Lobos family (meaning wolf in English), sends his son to find Renfield because he has killed all of his soldiers. On the way, he meets Dracula and asks him to join him in killing Renfield.

Dracula is angry with him and agrees to help the Lobos. On the other hand, Renfield goes to Rebecca to help her solve the case against the Lobos, as she is taking help from the FIB, and he doesn’t trust her department.

The Ending

Feeling betrayed by his best assistant, Dracula goes to the group meeting and scares all the members before killing them. Rebecca arrives later and finds Renfield sitting among the bodies. She arrests him, thinking he has done something, but as she’s leaving, a corrupt police officer who is with Bellafrancesca tries to stop her. However, she manages to run with Renfield. Later, we learn that Rebecca’s father was killed by the Lobos, and her sister calls her and says that Renfield may be the criminal and is much older than he looks. Her sister is worried about her, but she says she will handle the situation.

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Renfield helps Rebecca to kill all the Lobos, but she finds out that her sister has been taken hostage by Dracula, who is now empowered. After a brutal fight between Renfield and the Lobos, they discover that Kate (Rebecca’s sister) has almost been eaten by Dracula. Dracula says that the only way to save her is by giving his blood in exchange for loyalty. Rebecca pretends to agree, and then Renfield arrives.

They manage to kill Dracula and put his pieces in water. They then use Dracula’s blood to revive Renfield’s group friend. Now, Renfield and Rebecca are together, and the movie ends.



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