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Reclaim Movie Review Netflix

Reclaim Movie Review Netflix: Reclaim is a Chinese hours film streaming on Netflix from August 6, 2022, The Film is about a woman fulfilling all the responsibilities of her family. She is a caring mother and a successful career woman. She is in need of a bigger house and she believes that a bigger house will solve her problems and keep her happy.

Ms. Lan is shown as the main character in the film, It is shown that she does all chores, earns, and takes all responsibility on her shoulders whereas his husband David is busy petting. Ms. Lan has been in a compromised living with his husband David as he never contributed a single thing to the house. David used to sit at home all day whereas Mr.Lan used to work continuously.

She is a supportive mother too, Her daughter lost her job and moved in again with her. David was very disappointed with her daughter but Ms. Lan continued to support her, Ms. Lan’s mother is suffering from a disease so she was staying in a nursing home. While fulfilling needs for the house and working day and night she forgets to take care of her happiness.

This film will make u emotional at some point. I personally felt it was slow but interesting in the beginning but as it was moving toward the end the story was predictable, The last scene of the movie is quite complex, the audience might have to watch it twice or thrice to understand it properly.

The Screenplay and acting were up to the mark but this film lacks in terms of dubbing. The English dub doesn’t feel that professional and it felt like it was Dubbed in hurry. If you notice in some scenes even the dialogue sync is not done properly, The story is obviously predictable because of the topic of the film.

This film is not for all types of audiences. Some would like it and some would not. If you want to watch to film, watch it with low expectations.

Rating: 2/5



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