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Rangbaaz Season 3 Review Dar Ki Rajneeti: Promises A lot, Delivers Little

Rangbaaz Season 3 Review: So finally after impressing its audience with its previous seasons of Rangbazz Zee5 brings back another season of it and this too based on the life of a gangster & politician.

Season 3 of Rangbazz stars Vineet Kumar Singh, Aakansha Singh, Vijay Maurya, Rajesh Tailang, Prashant Narayanan, Geetanjali Kulkarni, and Soham Majumdar in the main role.

The series revolves around the life of Harun Shah Ali Baig. How he turned himself into a gangster, How he joined politics, his life story along with his wife and child, his gang and witty politics, How he was arrested for his various crimes, and his violent and brutal crimes.

The series is adapted and based on the life of Md Shahabuddin a politician and former member of Parliament. The series somehow play safe and doesn’t try to reveal much about life and tries to keep it a more political way.

The story focuses entirely on the character of Harun Shah Ali Baig. Other characters are very less developed and you will not feel much connected to them. The series revolves entirely around the works & crimes of Harun Shah Ali Baig though only in words and very less in actions. There are very less and countable scenes where we can see his violent nature or crimes.

The S3 is somehow not like the previous seasons starring Saquib Salim in S1 and Jimmy Shergil in S2. Previous seasons are more detailed and full of actual violence and brittleness just like a gangster crime drama should be. You will miss this feel in the S3. This season is in any way weaker than its previous seasons.

The execution of the series is very good. Though the story plot is somehow outdated to us as we have seen such things in many web shows and movies, the execution of this series is what hooks you up along with the performances of the actors. The series is also a slow burn and takes a long time to develop the plot where you might feel bored or lose grip. The actors have done their best in it.

Vineet Kumar Singh shines throughout the series along with Prashant Narayanan who has played the SP in the series. Geetanjali Kulkarni is also good in her role and you will find her in a new & different avatar than her previous comic role in Gullak.

The BGM of the series is good and will give you an intense feeling in a few sequences throughout the series. The cinematography of the series is also good though there are very less scenes outdoor and more indoor. Though there is one scene where you will get goosebumps when the police force comes to arrest Harun Shah Ali Baig at his house. That scene is very well shot and intense.

After considering all these factors above I am going with 2.5 stars for this series. Though this series fails to offer anything new the execution & performance of the actors are worth mentioning. You can try watching this series with less expectation.

That’s all for our review of the third season on Rangbazz Dar ki Rajneeti. Do let us know how you feel after watching this series. And for more reviews & updates stay tuned to us.

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