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Rain Dogs Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained

Rain Dogs Episode 6: HBO in association with BBC’s Rain Dogs has released their sixth Episode titled “Jesus Loves A Hustler” which tells the story of Costello, a single mother trying to make something of her life with and her daughter Iris as they move from one house to another in London.

We saw in Episode 5 that after moving with Selby to the country house, things start to regress when Selby gets depressed about the government not letting him adopt Iris and that makes him so depressed that the whole thing which was supposed to be a good thing starts to feel like a snake wrapped around the throat of Costello until she calls Selby’s mother asking for her intervention and Selby goes to the mental rehabilitation center with Costello and Iris going to the Refuge Centre. Here’s what happened in Episode 6

Rain Dogs Episode 6 Recap & Summary Explained

Costello is now living with Iris in a Refuge Accommodation and Iris has been giving her the silent treatment for taking her out of an awesome life and putting her back into the life she had before. On the other hand, Costello doesn’t have to worry about food and money as she’s living in the refuge for which the government pays so it’s all good for her.

She goes to volunteer at the Food Bank where she meets James again. She then starts to do webcam shows after she realizes that she needs money with a fellow refugee living posing as a battered woman on the internet asking men to donate and they start to earn something good too. Serena, the refuge organizer meets her and tells her about this flat she’s being offered but it will be away from London and Costello rejects that telling her that she is not leaving London.

Meanwhile, Selby is in the rehabilitation center and is trying to reach Costello by calling her and leaving voicemails every day which she reads but never picks up. Selby meets this girl who has not one but more than 3 mental disorders who crack Selby’s issues and that throws Selby off but she keeps following him until one day she crosses the line lying to Selby about someone coming to meet him with a little girl. Selby is surprised and goes to meet Costello and Iris but after finding no one coming back disappointed.

On the other hand, the refuge where Costello and Iris live breaks down after the construction work going next door affects their building into breaking down leaving Iris in the room and Costello running up the floor to save her. She does save Iris but then breaks down after the rich neighbor comes out and she loses her in front of her and blames her for what happened.

She realizes that too much has happened and she asks Gloria to take Iris to dinner she goes off to clear her mind and finds herself in a washroom with a glass of wine looking at her phone with the sobriety meter and just before she’s about to break that, she listens to the voicemail of Selby and starts to cry.

Episode 6 is airing on HBO Max and BBC.



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