Radhe Shyam Ending Explained

Radhe Shyam Ending Explained

Radhe Shyam Ending Explained: Radheshyam is a romantic Saga starring Prabhas and Pooja Hegde in lead roles. Prabhas plays the role of palmist Vikramaditya who predicts the future. Apparently, Prabhas is a disciple of Paramahansa who can also predict the future.

As Prabhas can read the palms he knows that he is not destined to have the love of his life. Vikramaditya meets Prerna played by Pooja Hegde first time on the train. Sparks fly between each other and their hit-and-miss saga continues until Prerana realizes that she is interested in Vikramaditya.

Vikramaditya asks for a date and they both enjoy the full day. Both of them seem to be getting well along and one fine day on a train a stranger asks Vikramaditya to read his daughter’s palm. His daughter who doesn’t believe in such things says that she is not interested in showing her palm. Prabhas reads her palms and tells her to focus on education and not on sports.

After getting down to the station Aditya starts feeling that the lifelines of passengers in the train are getting stopped and tries to stop the train from an accident but fails thus proving he can’t change the destiny. Prerana then realizes Aditya’s abilities to tell the future and now wants to know their future whereas Prabhas has already made a deal with Prerana that they will only be together for a few days until he stays there.

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In the middle of the lake while discussing how true destiny is Prerana falls unconscious. Aditya comes to know that Prerna is suffering from a disease that is incurable and most probably can live only to the next 2-to 3 months. Vikramaditya after reading Prerna’s hands assures that Prerana has a long life and will not die due to illness.

Why Did Prerna Try To Kill Herself?

Vikramaditya later reveals to Prerna that he has to leave this city. Prerna reads his diary where he has written what happens next in his future. Prerna gets the shock and joy of her life at the same time When she reads what Vikramaditya has written about he getting died in the sea and also at the same time knows that doctors have found the cure for her disease. Now that Prerna is deeply in love with Vikramaditya, she decides to sacrifice as one of them only could be alive as written in destiny. Prerna’s car comes in front of a truck and she meets with a major accident. By that time Prabhas has left the city. He senses the danger for Prerana. He tries to get back to Rome through a ship.

How Vikramaditya Survies?

In the last sequence, we get to see that, It’s raining and Aditya couldn’t find a mode of transport to travel. He reaches the seaport after learning a ship is leaving for Rome. Aditya jumps onto a ship that is ready for departure. An earthquake is caused under the sea and it results in a tsunami. They try to control the ship but due to the high tides, another ship falls on the ship thus losing its balance.

The rest of the crew including the captain safely jump out of the boat and try to escape while Vikramaditya stays alone in the ship. The ship catches the fire and blasts. The ship is on the verge of sinking. The tin barrels kept in the ship help Aditya to swim after getting drowned to come up and reach Prerana finally.

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