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Players Paramount Plus: A Show On & For Gamers

Paramount+ is stepping up its game with unique shows all over releasing like The Offer, Halo, 1883, Mayor Of Kingstown and now we have another show that talks about a League Of Legends Team that is looking to win the gaming championship after years. The trailer of the series looks like it’s some kind of documentary and it has been shot like that.

The show comes from the minds behind American Vandal which has 2 seasons on Netflix and was very dearly loved for its investigative nature and amazing plot. We do not see a lot of shows that work in the domain of E-Sports and that is something fresh that we’re seeing being done by Paramount+.

The Streaming Service launched not quite long ago but has been making its way up with good content.  The story of the series looks like it’s for a niche market and while that is true because not too much has been done in the E-Sports domain, this might come like a breath of fresh air.

It’s definitely for the people who are looking for something new to watch on their weekend binge schedule and are expecting good humor and relatable stories (if you’re a gamer). The series starring Alexa Mansour, Steven Schneider, Moses Storm, Misha Brooks, and other talents can be streamed on Paramount+.

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