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Play It Cool Guys Season 2 Release Date | Renewed Or Cancelled? | Episode 7?

Play It Cool Guys Season 2 Release Date: Play It Cool, Guys is a Japanese comedy slice-of-life drama series that is based on the web manga series of the same name and is written and illustrated by Kokone Nata. This anime series is directed by Chiaki Kon, Here we are going to tell you about the next season of nex episode update.

Play It Cool, Guys follows the story of a group of four guys named Souma Shiki, Hayate Ichikura, Shun Futami, and Takayuki Mima who walk the line between cool and clumsy regularly. Whereas we see Souma always find a funny way to solve his problem, Hayate gets easily embarrassed in the situation, Shun tries hard to be the better one, and finally, Takayuki is ignorant and never bothers anyone easily. This series describes the groups of guys in a proper way and how they maintain their friendship.

Play It Cool, Guys! The voice cast includes Chiaki Kobayashi, Kouki Uchiyama, Shya Chiba, Yuichiro Umehara, Makoto Furukawa, Satomi Satou, Seiichir Yamashita, Taku Yashiro, and more.

Let me make it clear that, There are only 6 episodes in Season 1 and season 1 ended after episode 6 which was released last week, here goes the update on season 2.

The first season premiered on October 11, 2022. Following that, the series becomes popular with the audience, and the audience eagerly awaits the release of season 2. If everything goes well and producers announce the renewal of season 2, it will be released around the end of 2023 or perhaps the beginning of 2024.


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