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Pamela A Love Story Review: A Decent Attempt To Show Pamela’s Side Of Story

Pamela A Love Story Review: The much-awaited Netflix original Doc series based on the life of Canadian American actress Pamela Anderson is now available to watch on Netflix, the film is around 100 Minutes long, I just finished the film, and here is my review of the Doc. film, i am going to talk about the Positives and negative of the film.

For all those who don’t know, Pamela is a Canadian-American actress known for the Playboy magazine shoots and the Tv series Baywatch during the 90s, he life was full of controversies and now the doc film shows the same.

Although I don’t know what percentage of the film is based on truth, still the film shows Pamela’s side of the story with all great emotion and you will feel connected to it, although most of her life is open book and her relationship were known to Public and media, but the most controversial and tragic Part of her life was that Tape Scandal, the film show that beautifully, you will get to know about the background of the story and what they were feeling when all these happens, Pamela is also recalled about the paparazzi’s incidents.

Apart from all these things, it looks like the show was meant to little whitewash her image, the film shows her as a complete woman who has failed relationship, and there are some brutal truths about her relationship which are also shown in the film, although this doc is all about the Pamela, sometimes it looks like a one-sided film which never tells the story of another side.

The show is detailed and shows lots of unknown facts about her and if you are interested in her life then you may like the show, I am going with 2.5 out of 5 stars for the film, The film is a decent attempt to narrate the Pamela side of the story, which is very much different from what we read on the internet.

The film is around 100 Minutes long and is now available to Watch on Netflix, the show is not suitable to watch with Kids & Family.



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