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Paka Malayalam Movie Ending Explained | SonLiv

Paka The River Of Blood Malayalam Movie Ending Explained: Sonyliv is known for some Mindblowing regional content and now they are back with another one, the Malayalam film ‘Paka’ which was produced by Anurag Kashyap has been released on the Platform, frankly speaking, I didn’t like the film much but many of you were asking about the ending of the film, so here I am going to explain the same.

The film stars Basil Paulose and Vinitha Koshy in the main lead roles along with Nithin George, Abhilash Nair, Jose Kizhakkkan, Athul John, and others. The film is written and directed by Nithin Lukose. The film is around 100 Minutes long and now available to watch on SonyLiv in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Original Malayalam versions with subtitles.

The film is a story about the rivalry between the two families which is coming from Generation to Generation and they are killing each other to prove their supremacy. In the ending, we get to see that Joy was killed by Johnny and he threw her body of Joey to Pigs and it looks like the story is over Now. Anna and Johnny are now living together and the film was going toward a happy ending.

But in the last sequence, we get to see that the last male member of Anna’s family is still alive, we also get to see that a new baby, the Child of Thanka is also born and when Anna’s Nephew sits on his Grandfather Chair we can clearly see the revenge in his eyes and the film Ends here, The makers want to say that the story doesn’t end here and the revenge will still go on.

The rivalry is still on and we can imagine the fights between Johnny and that guy who was on the Chair, Although there is not going to be any Part 2 of the film, the writers want to cover the message through the ending that the Rivalry is still on and the River of Blood is still thirsty.

This was our aka Malayalam Movie Ending Explained, what are your thoughts about the ending of the film?, Please let us know in the comments.



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