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Oxford Apartments Milwaukee | Jeffrey Dahmer | Netflix

Oxford Apartments Milwaukee: There is no shortage of Documentaries & TV Shows/Movies about serial killers and one, in particular, Jeffrey Dahmer has no shortage of content, let it be movies or documentaries.

Netflix has made a TV Mini-Series about Jeffrey Dahmer titled Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which is telling the story of the serial killer from the victim’s perspective.

It is interesting to see that Jeffrey Dahmer committed the killings at his apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. However, we thought we’d give you some more details about the location where the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer committed the crimes.

The Apartment Building where Jeffrey Dahmer used to live and also commit the crimes of killing men. The Apartment Building was torn down in 1992. But before it was torn down, he lived in Apartment No. 213 of the Oxford Apartments.

Jeffrey Dahmer committed his first kill in Ohio where his family had moved in 1968 but his second and many of the other kills happened in Milwaukee from a local club called The 219 Club in Downtown Milwaukee which had closed down after the pandemic for multiple reasons.

Jeffrey Dahmer used to pick up guys from this gay bar and then invite them to his house where he would kill them.



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