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Ousama Ranking Special Episode Release Update & More

Ousama Ranking Special Episode Release: A couple of days back, Aniplex created a website for Ousama Ranking’s special episode and revealed a lot of things including the staff, cast members, and a visual picture. As per the website, this special episode will be titled Ousama Ranking: Tuuki no Takarabako (Ranking of Kings: Treasure Chest of Courage).

This special episode will be directed by Yousake Hatta who directed Original Ousama Ranking’s episodes as well. Wit Studio will be handling the animation work while Taku Kishimoto will be playing a major role of composer and character designer.

Atsuki Nozaki will be the chief animation director and MAYUKO will compose the music for this special episode.

Ousama Ranking is a Japanese manga series created and illustrated by Sousuke Tooka and it was serialized on the website of Manga Hack. Ousama Ranking was first launched in May 2017 and it is still running.

The story is about Bojji who’s a young prince of the kingdom but the people treat him harshly due to his inability to speak and hear. The anime series Ousama Ranking contains a total of 23 episodes.


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