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Oppenheimer Movie Budget And Box Office

Oppenheimer Movie Budget And Box Office: Oppenheimer is Easily one of the most hyped-up movies of this year, movie is running with 24 hours shows in Imax formats Theatres are open 24 hours for Oppenheimer only Midnight shows already Started in India and Worldwide.

The first in India was listed with a showtime of 11:59 PM on 20th July 2023 everyone is going to theatres with high expectations from Oppenheimer let’s see how it goes for audiences and fans.

Now We’re Going to tell you about the budget Of This Movie;

Oppenheimer Is made at a budget of 100 Million USD Approximately 820 Crores in INR, Nolan clearly said he didn’t use any kind of CGI for this movie, he used real bombs for blasts And To make his movie real he took special permissions for those blasts, let’s see Audiences love this movie or not.

Looking at the buzz of the movie this movie will easily achieve the blockbuster tag so many shows are Houseful for this movie.



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