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Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Episode 8 Premise, Story

Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Episode 8 Premise, Story: HULU’s Only Murders In The Building delivered another great episode this week which only set our expectations high for the next episode. As we come closer to the season finale with only 3 weeks to go, the series has definitely picked its pace in terms of comedy and thrill, and mystery.

Next week’s episode is titled “Hello Darkness” and we’re here to give you a premise or what you can expect from next week’s episode. In Episode 8, we’re going to see obviously see chaos because there’s a city-wide blackout in a city like New York that never sleeps, so there’s absolutely going to be mayhem to be seen.

Within that chaos, the trio is trying to get back to the Arconia where Lucy is present in Charles’s apartment. After the trio sees the picture of Charles and Lucy after he drops her off in a cab from Episode 4, they’re scared that Lucky might be the next victim and they’re desperate to get back to the apartment.

With a blackout, we’re also going to see the Arconia residents exploring unexpected connections in the midst of darkness all inspired by the Gut Milk which is being sold off to the residents which is definitely going to bring some developments either in the murder of Bunny or it’ll bring some hilarious moments of the Episode.

With only 3 weeks to spare for the Season Finale, it’ll be a pivotal episode in identifying who’s the killer and also delivering hilarious moments.


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