Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Full Story Explained

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HULU’s Crime-Comedy series Only Murders In The Building released its 6th Episode of the second season recently and well, the story is getting more complicated. What started as another murder in the building making Mabel Mora played by Selena Gomez, it is starting to feel like an onion because this episode however focussed on finding the murderer but also worked in other sense as well for story development which is quite good.

Episode 6 started off with Poppy White, assistant of Cinda Canning who is making a podcast about the murder of Bunny Folger making the trio it’s suspect. Starts off with some lies that we tell ourselves to go through life easier when we know that facing them is going to be hard. We’re introduced to the trio’s lies and how they’re comfortable with those lies.

We see a face-off between Cinda Canning and the Trio before Cinda releases an episode of their podcast focussing on Mabel and her fast with an appearance from his past co-worker that claimed Mabel cut off his fingers. While Mabel said that is not true, we’re witnessed by a stakeout that the trio does to catch the killer after they find out it’s not the killer, they are texting thinking it was the police officer.

With Charles’s secret of still talking to Jan coming out during the stakeout, the murderer comes and runs off after getting covered in a glitter bomb made by Oliver. Mabel, after getting disappointed with Charles for keeping in contact with a murderer who killed her friend steps away to get some air. She goes to her apartment where she finds an enactment of the day when Bunny died being carried out by Alice.

It all felt like a betrayal and feeling used and she storms off and is met by the supposed-to-be serial killer on the train who is covered in glitter. But before that, she receives a call from Poppy, Cinda’s assistant who for once stood up to her and asked for a promotion. Feeling betrayed, she tells some secrets about Cinda to Mabel.

The episode ended with Charles and Oliver in Charles’s apartment waiting for the DNA result when they see a video of Mabel stabbing the supposed murderer on the subway train and then getting out.

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