One Punch Man To Get A Live-Action Adaptation

In Anime World, in those mighty super powerful superheroes that run purely on their will and ideologies, an anime that had an MC that just wanted a rival worthy enough to fight him so he could finally have the fun he wanted in return for all the hard work that he did to become that superhero which made him BALD! That anime is none other than, One Punch Man; TV’s most badass but the most down-to-earth, mundane life living, scrambling for coupons to spend at a sale in a supermarket superhero.

One Punch Man Manga is ongoing and has a strong fan following with chapter 166 released and the anime having 2 seasons with OVA for both seasons. This much popularity for the anime was not enough that there’s going to be a LIVE ACTION Film for One Punch Man and its going to be directed by the one and only Justin Lin who is very famous for directing the Fast & Furious Movies.

Justin Lin is famous for bringing us some groundbreaking films that defined action such as The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift (2003) and Fast Five (2011) with his one directorial venture in Star Trek Beyond (2016).

One Punch Man needs no introduction in the anime community, Saitama is beloved by everyone and the news that Justin Lin will be directing the LIVE Action Film for Sony Pictures has fans hoping for a film that does justice to the manga.

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