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National Treasure Edge of History Episode 2 Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

National Treasure Edge of History Episode 2: National Treasure Edge of History is an American action-adventure treasure-based drama series that is loosely based on the National Treasure film series and follows events after the film ends.

In Episode 1, the story was mainly focused on character introductions and more, and in the end, we see Billie capturing Oren and demanding Jess return treasure instead of the life of Oren, and the episode ends. Now, let’s jump into episode 2 with its recap and ending explanation.

In episode 2, we see the story picking up after episode 1 ends, where Billie, who captured Oren, is again trying to hack Tasha’s laptop so that Jess can’t track the location. During calls, they deal with changing to Oren instead of relics and plan to meet at the USS Kidd Museum. After that, we see Jess is planning something different as she tries to get help from the FBI, but Tasha thinks that it’s a bad idea, and they also know that Billie can track their every move and that they don’t know whom to trust.

But, after Jess’s mindset, they go to the FBI and speak to a new agent, Ross, and tell him about this situation, still without disclosing their original names. We see Ross believe the whole story, and he also tells them that if this report is found to be false or fake, then they have to face the consequences. We also sent Jess and Tasha to meet with Billie, and still, before that, Jess was trying to open that relic and found that it was part of a large treasure map that was connected to the other two relics. Where we also see Jess and Tasha, plan differently with the people so that they can report Billie to the police.

On another side, we see Oren’s plans to escape from that place where Billie kidnapped him as he knows that anyway he is dead and he has successfully escaped. After that, they meet up, and we see Jess, Tasha, and Oren decide to go to Sadusky’s house and look for more clues, and we see Jess enter Peter’s office, where she finds the book that contains the same symbol as her necklace. But, during that, Liam comes and immediately tells them to leave as they enter without any permission, and he also warns Jess to stop searching for treasure as it is dangerous and risky.

The story shifts to one of their friends, Ethan, who is also in their group, and we find out they are lying to him all the time, and we also see that he is also lying to them as she has a girlfriend. Then they decided to stop lying to anyone. After that scene shift, where we see Jess still digging and find out her necklace symbol is all connected to the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans (which we already saw in episode 1), We see Tasha do her hacking things and find out all the details about who is Bille where she finds out that she is known as the Queen of Cryptocurrency.

After all this, they plan a party but Jess is in no mood for the party as she is just fired from her job as she switch the storage center without permission then she comes to the bar where Liam is singing so that she finds a job as barmaid role but the owner needs her to do first training but her observation about people is different and shows some to bar owner which is impressed with her and hired her and started working immediately.

At the end of this episode, something unexpected happens. As we see, Liam comes to Jess and asks for her help in uncovering the truth about Peter, which he may be hiding at his house. We see an office at Peter’s house, and Liam finds a hidden door, and inside that hidden house, some documents were written by Jess’s mother.

Now in the next episode, we will be able to see how Jess’s mother is connected with all this, what inner details about the treasure are connected to her mother, and more, which makes the next episode more exciting.



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