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National Treasure Edge of History Episode 1 Recap, Review & Explained

National Treasure Edge of History Episode 1: National Treasure: Edge of History is an American action-adventure drama series that follows the story after the events of the National Treasure film series. This series was created by Cormac Wibberley and Marianne Wibberley.

In Episode 1, we see that an old man named Peter Sadusky talks about the story of an old treasure and also tells how freemasons separate this treasure into three parts named Inca, Maya, and Aztec. Over years to years, the story shifts where we see a man named Rafael, who anyhow manages to find one of the relics in the Mexico city church but Salazar goons are also there to stop him and we see he manages to escape from the church.

After that, he goes to his house and tells his wife, Manuela, and daughter about all the knowledge about treasure, and we see the Salazar goons burn down his house, and we see his wife and daughter successfully escape from that house, but we also don’t see any confirmation about the death of Rafael.

After the opening credits end, the story shifts some years later, where we see that his daughter is now 20 years old, named Jess, and she is working with rabble to find the plans to break the escape room, where we also see that she is a mathematics genius and has knowledge of languages too, and where we find out that she had a dream plan to work in the FBI’s cryptanalysis department, where she is able to solve puzzles with her knowledge.

The story shifts where we see she is heading toward the Sandusky place where she meets a retired General who is the man who is in starting to scene that he is impressed with her that how to see able to figure out about him.

After that, he gives her a letter that contains some clues to finding the treasure. After that, he warns her to not trust anyone and also gives the address of his grandson, named Liam, who is the right person to trust in this mission.

After that, we see Jess try to find out about Liam, and for that, she headed to the US, where she finds that he is a singer in a bar. But during that, we see Billie ( a new character who played a very important role in this series) who hired some goons to go inside Jess’s house and find out about the realities but jess maintains to stop them where we see Jess’s friend named Tasha.

In the end, we see that Billie calls Jess and tells her to hand over the treasure for a price, but Jess doesn’t want to sell it and instead wants to find out more about the treasure. After that, Billie tells Jess that either she will hand over the treasure or she is going to see her friend Oren, and the episode ends.

Now, in the next episode, we will be able to see what happened next, which means: Will Jess hand over the treasure or leave her friends to die? Or maybe she had other plans to execute besides all this so that she could save everything. We will see it in the next episode.



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