Naadi Dosh Movie (Gujarati) Release Soon, Will this Gujju Film work?

Naadi Dosh, another Krishnadev Yagnik venture into the Urban Gujarati Trend that is on an upward trend for the last decade has been announced and its trailer has been released on YouTube recently. The film talks about the female character played by Janki Bodiwala (Chhello Divas) trying to woo the lead actor Yash Soni’s (Chhello Divas) character with the help of his brother.

The film is set out to be a romantic comedy film with more comedy elements in it which is Krishnadev Yagnik’s forte and is always seen in his previous work like Chhello Divas, Shu Thayu, and Karsandas Pay N Use. However, this film looks like it has a message to give too. The title itself covers that. Nadi means the channel through which different energies throughout a person’s body flow.

In terms of the Horoscope, two persons should not get married to each other if there’s Nadi Dosh in their horoscope. That’s the thing here, that’s the twist in the film and despite that, the lead characters find a way to be together, the film is about that win over destiny.

However, the film doesn’t look like it’s a family package because there are some intimate and spicy scenes between the lead characters in the trailer so this might not be the film for all age groups but this looks like it’s going to be a good watchable film from all the positive reviews.

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