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Movies Like Vacation Home Nightmare

Movies Like Vacation Home Nightmare: Films Like Vacation Home Nightmare is an American Drama Thriller movie, which revolves around a woman who rented a house near the beach to celebrate her “divorce” with her friends, but they do not know they are being watched and they are going to go through problems.

For those who want to watch more movies like VACATION HOME NIGHTMARE here are some recommendations from us to watch if they like this movie.


The first movie on the list is Berlin Syndrome which is a story about a woman Clare who meets Andi while she is on vacation in Berlin. They spend time together and the other day when she wakes up she found out that he has been locked in his house by Andi and has left for work from there the movie takes a horrific turn, the movie will keep you thinking about the stranger you meet on vacations.

The Cabin In The Woods (2011)

A group of young college go away for a scheduled cabin for one week, they also get warned by a guy at the gas station but they ignored him, there they also find a bunch of old and wired stuff that is cursed. They enjoyed there having swimming and playing truth and dare but later we came to know that they have been sent there by a government agency for a ritual sacrifice, from there the movie takes a turn if you are a fan of Horror mystery thriller Drama you can consider this movie.

Train To Busan (2016)

The very popular movie of recent times Train To Busan is time must watch for Thriller fans, the story is about a father who boards a train to Busan with his daughter to celebrate her birthday with her mother but one zombie virus infected also gets on the train now this virus is spreading in both train and the cities the train is passing by, so will they able to survive to find out this you have to watch the movie.

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The Rental (2020)

The Rental is a story about friends and business partners Charlie and Mina who decides to book a house for the weekend to celebrate their deal with the investors and they also their partners Michelle and Josh things started to get wired when they find out a locked room under the house and showers with cameras in it, things started getting more intense when the creepy owner of the house also get involved.

Blood Red Sky (2021)

Nadja is going to America for her treatment with her son, she is going to treat that she won’t fully transform into a vampire and not hurt her son but the flight she was attending got hijacked and she was forced to use her vampire skills which spreads the disease into the other co-passengers and they all become thirsty for blood will she be able to save her son. To know this you have to watch the movie.

Ending ExplainedVacation Home Nightmare Movie Ending Explained

These are our movie recommendations from us if you have already watched Vacation Home Nightmare.



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