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Mike Tyson Is Angry On Hulu For His Unauthorised Biopic

There’s a series coming on Hulu named Mike very soon. The series will follow the life story of very famous boxer Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson expressed his disapproval and anger on his Instagram accusing Hulu of stealing his life story without his approval, discussion, or any approach.

He mentioned that Hulu tried to pay Dana White; brother of Mike, millions of dollars to promote the story of Mike Tyson’s unauthorized biopic series called “Mike”. Mike mentioned that his friend declined the offer respecting their friendship but he will never forgive Hulu for their theft.

After that, he made another post stating not to get fooled by Hulu at all no matter what they say. Mike completely expressed his zero support for the “Mike” series and clearly mentioned that Hulu didn’t pay him a single penny.

This Hulu miniseries Mike stars Trevante Rhodes as Mike Tyson and will feature the story of an underdog who became a professionally successful boxer. The first two episodes will release on 25th August and the rest will follow on weekly basis as per the reports.

It’d be interesting to see what Hulu needs to say in this matter


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