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Merli Sapere Aude Season 3 Release Date | Renewed Or Cancelled?

Merli Sapere Aude Is A Spanish Teen Drama Television Series This Was Premiered On 5th December 2019 But For Fans, This Series Is Now Available On Netflix Also Many Of Audiences Have Already Seen This Series Now You can Watch This Show On Netflix For 2 Seasons In That 16 Episodes Are There.

The Original Network Of This Show Is Moviestar+, You can watch this show In the Spanish Language With English Subtitles.

As Per The Makers, The Final Season Was the second Season, They don’t want to Stretch This Show To Season 3. So It Is Confirmed That Season 3 For Merli Sapere Aude Is Not Coming If Makers Plan And Want To Plan A Prequel Or A New Story They Can Create a New Season You can Expect It By The Year End Of 2024.

The Cast Of The Series Is Carlos Cuevas, María Pujalte, Pablo Capuz, Claudia Vega And Pere Vallribera Key Roles. You Can Watch This Spanish Language Show On Netflix.

This was all about the Merli Sapere Aude Season 3 Release Date and more details, what are your thoughts on this?, Please le us know in the comments.


  1. Love Merli AND Merli Sapere Aude. In Merli Bruno and Pol were together, with Bruno’s sister. Maybe the Makers could finish Bruno’s story.

    • Yes, I think that narrative arc deserves some development. Maybe pick it up a few years later as was suggested above as each young man gains experience and perspective.

      • I absolutely agree!!! I watched Merle and think it is the best televsion series I have ever seen. Was so excited when Merle Sapere Aude aired and loved that series too.
        The disparity between the end of Sapere Aude and the “Epilogue” episode of Merle, definitely needs to be explored and unpacked! We have all been routing for Bruno to finally find his Life Partner in Pol and for Pol to find his way to Bruno. This was the conslusion of Merle and we need to see the story that fills this gap.
        Please, continue albeit a new series. Don’t just end the story at the end of Merle Sapere Aude Season 2… there is a lot of story yet to tell.

  2. best show ever need a third season please explore pol and axel as well as Maria’s character and her new relationship…philosophy is so important

  3. Yes, a story arc that deserves further development. Maybe as Bruno and Pol each gain experience in the world and new perspectives about what they’ve learned and what they share.

  4. I want to see how Pol’s character develops as being a professor in his own right. Also want to see what happens to Rai as well. Also see how Axel and Pol relationship develops too.

  5. The best show ever! I can’t wait to watch season 3. What happened with Alex? Are they together? Pol is waiting to get a job as a professor…. I love this showwwwwww!

  6. Would like to see this series continue there is lot more to tell and good acting…. I heard future seasons are canceled that’s no good


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