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Mayflies Ending Explained – What Are Tully’s Last Wishes? | BBC

Mayflies Ending Explained: BBC’s Mayflies, a 2-part drama series has just been released which tells the story of two lifelong friends Tully and Jimmy who grew up together but now live in different cities. Their lives change when Jimmy receives a letter from Tully and informs him about his terminal cancer and asking him to come to Scotland, his hometown.

However, if you’re curious about how the series goes about and the ending, you’re at the right place.

Why Type Of Cancer Does Tully Have?

Tully, when calls Jimmy asking him to come home i.e., Scotland, and upon his arrival when they’re sitting in front of their caravan, he tells him about terminal cancer in his Oesophagus, Liver, Stomach, and Lymph Nodes. He is in the last stage and he has about four months to live without Chemotherapy if he does go with Chemotherapy, he might have 7-8 months but the cancer will not go away, so it is not treatable.

What Are Tully’s Last Wishes?

After Jimmy arrives in Scotland, Tully tells him about his terminal cancer and asks him to prepare a plan to tell his friends and also plan for the future and how they’re going to move about knowing this. They first decide to do a wedding with Anna, Tully’s long-time girlfriend who lives with him but they have not married officially.

Jimmy asks him to marry Anna to make her happy for the little time she has and the title “Anna’s Big Day”. Secondly, Tully wants to perform on a full house and they do that by paying the people inside a bar during the day.

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However, the main thing which gets the eyebrow-raising response is that Tully wants to have a voluntary death and wants to go to Switzerland after things start to slip and he starts to lose it. Tully knows that things will start to get rough and when they are out of control, he wants to go on his own accord and not die like a vegetable so he asks Jimmy to take him to Switzerland so he can die there.

Do Tully And Jimmy Go To Switzerland?

Well, right before Tully could go to Switzerland, his condition becomes serious overnight and he has to be taken to the hospital. However, Anna finds out about this whole thing from the application of voluntary death and tears apart the paper. She confronts him and Jimmy about this and says this is wrong but agrees to come with him if that is what he wants.

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Jimmy, Tully, Anna, and Iona who is Jimmy’s wife go to Switzerland where Tully is attended by a doctor and is asked to take two medications in 30 minutes intervals. After he takes his first medication, he goes out with Anna into the garden and hugs her, and thanks Jimmy from there. Then he starts to play soccer with them and goes out, with a smile on his face.



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