Matsya Kaand Review: Thrilling, Fresh And Brilliantly Written

Matsya Kaand Review

Matsya Kaand Review: I was so excited for this series by looking at the trailer and the star cast, but at the same time there was confusion and doubt about the quality of the series by looking at the recent releases of Mx Player. I Just finished the Mx Player original web series Matsya Kaand and here is the full detailed review of the web series.

The web series Stars TV Superstar Ravi Dubey as Matsya Thada, Ravi Kishan as Tejraj Singh, Zoya Aafroz as Urvashi, and Piyush Mishra in the lead and crucial roles. The web series also stars Rajesh Sharma, Ritvik, Naved Aslam, and others. The web series is created by Ajay Bhuyan. There is a total of 11 episodes in the series and all episodes are approx 40 minutes long. The web series is available on MX Player in Hindi audio along with the English subtitles. The series is not suitable to watch with family and Kids.

The story of the series mainly revolves around Matsya Thada (Played By Ravi Dubey), who is a very clever criminal and he does crimes so brilliantly that he never left any trace behind the crime, he is always ahead of everyone and the master plans are just unbeatable. The issues for him begins when he came under the Radar of ACP Tejraj Singh (Played Ravi Kishan). Tejraj is known for his brutal and unique style of solving cases and nowhere starts the chase between Rat and Cat. Who will be supreme at the end and why Matysa is doing all these crimes, to know this You have to watch the full series on Mx Player.

Get ready for a shock if you had watched that Charming Ravi Dubey on your Television Screen from Tv serial Jamai Raja, if you have the same image of Ravi Dubey from that series you are going to get a massive shock for sure. Ravi Dubey has acted so brilliantly in the series, his transformation was mindblowing and he looks unrecognizable, His body language, the way he speaks, and the way he has acted throughout the series were amazing. His Character passes through lots of phases in the series and he had every role so brilliantly.

Ravi Kishan is another highlight from the series, he looks brutal and the role of Bad but intelligent cop suits him perfectly. His dialogue delivery and expressions had improved a lot from his previous performances and he looks calmer and matured. Piyush Mishra was also good in the series and his role was one of the best things in the series. Zoya Afroz was decent in her role, Rajesh Sharma was brilliant as always and he never fails to impress us. Rest other characters from the series were decent enough to watch.

I liked the writing very much, the screenplay was brilliant and the way the makers have presented the whole story, it is very interesting to watch, the initial episodes were 40 minutes long and trust me, You are not going to blink before the end. The music of the series was amazing, the Editing was good, the locations were good and the series looks lavish. The series seems a little draggy in the middle but then it runs at a great pace, the ending of the series is again a shock and I am sure that everyone is going to demand more.

The VFX of the series was very poor and I think it needs lots of improvement, there were a few illogical and too many filmy sequences in the series that don’t make any sense at all, still, the series is a good watch overall.

I am going with 3.5 out of 5 for the series, the series is one of the best creations of Mx Player and surely the best series on Mx Player in 2021 Second Half, The series is gripping, Thrilling, and brilliantly written, If you are looking some great content this weekend, this series should be in your watchlist.

There is a total of 11 episodes in the series and You can watch all the episodes on Mx Player for free in Hindi Audio along with the subtitles. The series is not suitable to watch with family and Kids.

This was Matsya Kaand Review, what are your thoughts about the series? Please let us know in the comment section. For more reviews, news and updates, stay tuned with us.

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