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Matsaya Kaand Season 2

Matsya Kaand Season 2: Mx Player Original series Matsaya Kaand created a huge buzz among the audiences with its amazing content, the series was so amazing and everyone just loved the content, Many of you were asked about the ending and season 2 of the web series. Here in the post, we are going to tell you about the release date, Plot, and a few more details about the web series.

The way season 1 ended, it is quite oblivious that season 2 is coming for the sure, there are many questions left unanswered in season 1 and we are going to talk about the same here. A warning, if you haven’t watched season 1 yet, I will suggest you stip reading from here as there are many spoilers ahead.

Season 2 of the series is confirmed by the makers and season 2 of Matsya Kaand is all set to release on Mx Player from 2022, the official release date and announcement is yet to be made by the makers but our sources had confirmed that season 2 of the series is already in progress and scripting work for the season 2 has begun.

Now many of you were asking about the Ending of Season 1, what really happened at the end of season 1. So in episodes 7-8 when Ravi Kishan (Police ) Caught Ravi Dubey, where he warned me to not to mess with him otherwise he knows the location of her mother and he will harm his mother. At the end of the last episode we saw that Ravi got a call from her mother and in the next frame, we saw the Hand of Ravi Kishan coming out of that River. It means, Ravi Kishan is still alive and now he is going to avenge the betrayal and he will take revenge from Matsya (Ravi Dubey).

Now coming to the story of season 2, the story of season 2 will focus on 2 chapters, first, How Matsya saves his mother from that Police Inspector and how he takes revenge from that leader, who is his stepfather. How Matsya will face that clever and dangerous Ravi Kishan it will be interesting to see.

This was all about the Matsya Kand Season 2, Season 1 Ending Explained, and a few more details about the series. What are your thoughts about the series?, Please let us know in the comment section, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.



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