Masoom Review : Hotstar Show Is Complex & Slow Burn Family Drama

Masoom Review

Masoom Review Hotstar: Relationships are complex. Some families that look good from the outside have deep dark secrets hidden within them. Hotstar newly released series “Masoom” is based on such complicated relationship of family dynamics where the truth lies deep under many webs of lies and secrets.

The cast of the series includes the debut of Boman Irani in the OTT space, Samara Tijori, Upasana Singh, Manjari Farnandis, and Veer Rajwant Sing, The series is directed by Mihir Desai. There are around 6 Episodes in the series and all episodes are approx 25-30 Minutes each, The series is not suitable to watch with Family and Kids.

The series explores the relationship between a daughter and her father and siblings, Sana visits her home place after a long time and she came to know that her mother passed away the same night after falling from her bed. She is not convinced by the reason being told by her family and it raises a feeling of suspicion towards her father and she decided to explore the truth behind her mother’s death.

Why does she hate her father so much? Has anything happened in the past that makes her feel that her father can be responsible for her mom’s death? For all these answers you have to watch this 6-episode series streaming on Hotstar.

The series is dark and explores family dynamics in a complex way where all members are hiding some truth. A dark tone of uneasiness & mystery is maintained throughout the series between the characters which keeps you hook to know what is the reason behind all this. The series is a slow-burn thriller with not many twists & turns. The cinematography of the series is good and the BGM manages to give you a tense feeling while watching a few scenes in the series.

Talking about the actor performance Samara Tijori & Boman Irani shines in the series. Vir Rajwant Singh is also good in his character, Upasana Singh is shown in a serious role apart from her comic role that we use to see her in Kapil Sharma’s show. Having such a limited screen time she manages to give the series a great impact with her voice.

The character development is done properly for all of the characters and we can also see various dynamics of emotions between the characters. The emotional aspect of the series will keep you connected. The series teases a mid-credit scene which teases a second season.

After considering all the factors I am going with 2.8 stars for this. This series is not for all. If you are expecting something like Sony Liv’s “Tabbar” which also explores a similar concept then you may get disappointed. This series is not for all and is a slow burner that will take your time to understand its situation and character.

Rating 2.8/5

This was the Hotstar original shows Masoom Review, what are your thoughts on this?, please let us know in the comments.

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