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Marcus Lillard Real Image | Marianne Shockley’s Boyfriend | CBS | 48 Hours | Where Is He Now?

Marcus Lillard Real Image: 24 Hours: The Strange Death of Professor Shockley,” tells the story of how a beloved Entomology Professor at the University Of Georgia Marianne Shockley died and what came of the investigation.

She was found with 2 other people when the local authorities found her. It was her boyfriend at that time Marcus Allen Lillard & Clark Heindel who later died by suicide that time leaving a suicide note with no mention of Marianne in it.

The Police after questioning Marcus found quite some holes in his statement. He said to have gone out of the house that night to collect some firewood leaving Marianne in the bathtub but there was enough firewood in the house already and the weather outside was quite damp to collect the right firewood which didn’t sit well with the Police. So, the Police arrested Marcus for the murder of Marianne Shockley.

When presented in court, Marcus denied all charges and when the trial started, Marcus had his friends give testimonies that he had called them that night to ask for instructions on how to revive an unconscious person.

The prosecution pointed out with some of Marcus’s ex-partners that he likes to choke during sex but the jury wasn’t fully convinced that Marcus would have done it so the judge acquitted Marcus of all charges regarding Marianne’s death. However, at the time of Marianne’s death, Marcus was out on probation which the judge revoked and sent him back to Prison.

Marcus right now remains behind bars at Burruss Correctional Training Center on an unrelated drug case and has a tentative release date of 2030.


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