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Maharani Review: Huma Qureshi & Amit Sial Shines In SonyLiv Political Thriller

Maharani Review: I was waiting for the series for so long, there was a major reason behind this, first I like political thrillers a lot and second it’s the story of Bihar from where I belong and I have grown up by listening to these stories, the web series is now available on the SonyLiv App and website, I had just finished it and here I am going to review the series.

The web series stars Huma Qureshi, Amit Sial, and Sohum Sah in main lead roles, the series is created by Shubhash Kapoor and directed by Karan Sharma, the series has a total of 10 episodes and all episodes are approx 40-50 minutes long, the series is not suitable to watch with family and kids, although there is no Skin Show, there is the use of strong words and many other dialogues that don’t make it family-friendly.

Before going for review, let me clear this, the series is pure work of fiction and there is nothing like truth in the series, the only thing that is common from Bihar Politics and the Rabri Devi, rest the whole story is completely different, although the characters are inspired from real-life characters of Bihar Politics.

Things To Know Before Watching Maharani On SonyLiv


The plot of the series revolves around the political happening that was going in Bihar in the 90s, Bheema Singh Bharti who was the chief minister of Bihar was attacked by some goons and his health goes very critical, with enemies all around Bheema Singh Choose his Wife Rani Bharti as his successor from Bihar CM’s post. Rani Bharti has no political experiences and she was so illiterate that she can’t even do signature. When Rani Bharti took the charge of CM, many of the rivals of Bheema starts political conspiracies against Rani and Bheema, on another side, Rani Bharti ask the officers of starts an investigation against the Scam that was happening in the state, all these things led to a shocking end, what was that? would Rani able to handle the state and political conspiracies, to know this you have to watch the full series on SonyLiV.


Huma Qureshi is queen for real, this role was very difficult for her for sure, but she tries all her best, she is killing in the series with her performances, her Bihari accent looks so pure, although she struggles during a fumble scene in Bihar Legislative Assembly, still she makes a huge impact on the series and she is the one and the Only queen from the series. Amit Sial as Naveen Kumar is just stunned, the way he presented the accent of a famous leader from Bihar is just amazing, his dialogue delivery, body language, everything was at the next level.

Coming to the  Sohum Shah, I don’t know what is wrong with him, his performance is going down series by series, he was so good in Tumbaad and then he is going down and down. There is a scene where Bheema Singh Bharti was shot by some goons and the way Sohum reacted, I can’t believe, this is the same, who acted in tumbad. Although his body transformation in the series is inspiring. Other characters like Inaamul Haq and Kani Kusruti were good in their roles, Rest of the cast was decent too with their performances.


The biggest issue with the series is it’s very long and Draggy, the episodes are almost 1 hour long and the story goes very slow, although first few episodes were very engaging it goes dull and predictable in the middle, the screenplay is very average and the writing is very poor, there was a sequence of Chhath Puja (A Famous Festival of Bihar) and the way it was shown is just terrible, there sequence where Bheema and Rani meet for the first time is illogical and unreal, similarly, there are many sequences which were not needed at all. The locations and VFX were amazing and this gives a major boost to the series, BGM is average and the editing was not up to the mark.

  • Name Of The Series: Maharani
  • Release Date: 28th May 2021
  • Platform: SonyLiv
  • Genre: Political Thriller
  • Episodes: 10
  • Duration: 40-50 Minutes (Each Episode)
  • Rating: 2.8/5
  • Did I Liked It?: Yes., In Parts
  • Recommended?: Yes, With Huge Reservations
  • Family-Friendly?: No


I am going with 2.8 out of 5 stars for the series, the series is very long, and yet it engages you except few sequences, if you have lots of time and you are looking for a political web series packed with some great performance by Amit Sial and Huma, You should watch this series, there are total 10 episodes in the series and all are now available on SonyLiv in Hindi audio along with the subtitles.

This was our review of the SonyLiv original series Maharani, what are your thoughts about it? please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like this on movies and web series, stay tuned with us.


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