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Maanaadu Movie Budget & Box Office Collections

Maanaadu Movie Budget (Maanadu): After lots of delays and release issues, the film is finally released in the cinema halls, the film was on Hold till last minute and that affects the first day collections of the film badly, here in the post we are going to tell you about the Budget and Box Office collection of the film, we will also update the day-wise collections of the film.

The film stars Simbu aka Silambrasan in the main lead roles, the film also stars S.J Surya, Kalyani Priyedarshani, Chandrashekhar, Y G Mahendran, and others. The movie is created and directed by Venkat Prabhu. The film is produced by Suresh Kamatchi, the film is approx 2 Hours and 20 Minutes long and is now available to watch in the cinema halls.


Coming to the budget of the film, The film is made on the budget of 15 Crores, there are some great VFX visuals, some stunning sequences, and a few lavish moments too, the total landing cost of the film is around 15 Crores. There is no official data regarding the budget is released by the makers.

Box Office Collections

The film got a massive response on Day 1 and the film did good collections all over the Globe on day 1, the film manages to collect around 7 Crores on Day 1, the film also collected around 5 Crores on Day 2, which makes total collections of the film around 12 Crores in India. The film collected approx 5 Crores Aboraod, so the total collections of the film in First 2 days worldwide is around 17 Crores. Here go the DAY-wise collections of Maanaadu.

DAY 1 – 7 Crores

DAY 2 – 4 Crores

DAY 3 – 7 Crores

DAY 4 – 8 Crores

DAY 5 – 2 Crores

Day 6 – 2 Cr.

Day 7 – 2.45 Cr.

Day 8 – 2 Cr.

DAY 9 – 1.5

DAY 10 – 2 Cr.

Worldwide Total Collections – 43 Crores* (Still Running)

So these were some details regarding the box office collections and the Budget of the film, what are your thoughts about the film?, Please let us know in the comment section, for more news regarding the budget and box office collections, stay tuned with us.


  1. Excellent script and story telling that causes anticipated anxity like what next every movement excellent acting between silambarasan and s j Suriya


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