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Love, Victor Hulu
Love, Victor | Hulu

Love, Victor Hulu: Yes I know right? I also have heard a similar title that belonged to a movie. Mm what was it !?? Ohh yeah! Love, Simon. Jog up your memories guys, this was the movie that came in 2018 starring Nick Robinson and focused on a gay love story in an interesting way. The movie was touted to be the first to openly and solely focus on budding gay romance .

And now coming back to Love, Victor, yes it is also a similar work with just a minor change which is that it is a television series instead of a movie. Rejoice, people, because the show is set in the same universe as Love, Simon. Nick Robinson will be there as well in two roles, he is serving as one of the producers of the show and will be seeing narrating the show and acting into it also. The show will be seeing premiering on Hulu.

Love, Victor Hulu Plot

The show is set around A teen named Victor who is a new student at Creekwood High School and is struggling with his sexual orientation. One day he tries to get a job at a local café as a barista but gets all ecstatic and uncomfortable after spending some “coffee time” with the assistant manager and a fellow school mate Benji. He runs out after the conversation. The plot revolves around him and his struggles to find his way and in the process asks help from Simon.

Love, Victor Hulu Cast

The show stars Michael Cimino, Ana Ortiz and main lead roles, the show also stars James Martinez, Isabella Ferreira, Mateo Fernandez, George Sear, Rachel Naomi Hilson, Bebe Wood, Anthony Turpel, Mason Gooding, Sophia Bush, and Nick Robinson in other prominent roles.

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Love, Victor Hulu Trailer

Hulu released a 3-minute scene between Victor and his fellow school student Benji. Victor goes for a job as a barista in a cafe and there he gets distracted by the assistant manager Benji and gets uncomfortable with all the innuendos and then runs away. The trailer is available on Hulu’s YouTube channel so you can check it out there.

Love, Victor Hulu Release Date

June 19 2020. You must be familiar that in the beginning the idea was pitched into Disney+ and they agreed to it and it was ordered for straight to series. But then according to reports Disney showed concerns about the show’s depiction of alcohol use, sexual exploration, and marital issues among parents. And then they decided to move the premiere from Disney+ to Hulu. And thus we got a release date. The 10 episode season 1 will be arriving from June 19 2020.

Well as per sources the makers have already formed a writer panel for the show’s second season even before the arrival of season 1 which shows their confidence. Hence let’s wait to see what the show has in it.


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