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Lou Dead Or Alive ? | Netflix | Lou Movie Explained

Lou Dead Or Alive Netflix: You have landed here it means you have just finished watching the Netflix original film LOU and I am sure loved it, The ending of the film was a little confusing and I am pretty sure that Brings you here.

Here we are going to answer a few of your questions that will clear the doubts related to the Film, here we are going to tell you if LOU is dead or alive ? and what exactly happened at the end of the film.

Lou Dead Or Alive?

Please note that the Post may contain spoilers from here, So you haven’t seen the film, I will suggest you go and watch it First, Now coming to the end. At the end of the film, we get to see that Hannah and Vee are shifting to another Place and from another angle, a lady is watching them with binoculars, after that sequence one thing is clear Lou is not dead.

How Lou Survived?

Now coming to the second question about how she survived? When the CIA agents came searching for them Via Helicopters, Lou used Philip as the Human Shield and the CIA agents shot Philip’s back and then Lou and Philips falls into the ocean. Now here comes the main catch, Lou was SPY in the CIA and she knows how to handle these situations, it is very much possible that she uses Philip as Shield, and then she acted like they are dead when the CIA force left the beach and then she came out from the Ocean Alive.

There are high chances that Hannah also knows that Lou is alive, try to recall the last emotional conversation between them and you will get everything clear.



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