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Lookism Ending Explained | Netflix | What Happened To Hyeong-Seok?

Lookism Season 1 Ending Explained: Netflix’s original Anime show ‘Lookism’ was released today on the Platform and the Fans are loving the show, for those who have any doubts or confusion regarding the show, here we are with a Recap, Summary, and Explanation of Episode 1 of the show.

The show is about Hyeong-Seok who is bullied by everyone for his looks and Dressing sense, and How his life changed overnight, the Anime shows the same, and episode 1 is the beginning of the show and the story of Hyeong-Seok.


Episode 1 starts in School where we get to see that Hyeong-Seok is getting beaten by his school seniors for literally nothing, He is being trashed by his schoolmates in front of everyone and almost everyone is making fun of him, One of the seniors the School also said that Hyeong-Seok you will continue to live like this and this will happen anywhere you go.

After the terrible day at school, Hyeong-Seok returns back to Home and there he asks his mother to Change school as he can’t focus on his studies, His mother refuses and says that they can’t afford to change school and Place as they are in a Financial crisis and she doesn’t have money for shifting, She gave the Egg Noodles to Hyeong-Seok to eat but he refuses to eat eggs as he doesn’t want to gain more weight.


On the Second day of School, Hyeong-Seokwas targeted again by the seniors and on the Ground, they were beating Hyeong-Seok again and bullied him, In the meantime, the mother of Hyeong-Seok reaches there and then she saves him from the bullies. Hyeong-Seok was not happy to see her mother there as it was an embarrassing moment for him and he asks her mother to leave the Place.

When Hyeong-Seok reaches home, His mother said that he can change schools but she will stay here only, He can go to a different city but he has to live there alone, She will keep sending him money and he has to study all alone, Hyeong-Seok agrees to this and he shifted to the new city very next Day.

After a few issues, He finally got his Rented house which was in terrible condition, still, he was happy with it as he don’t have to face his toxic schoolmates there, In the evening he goes out too smoothly, and there he collided with a Girl, and the old situations arise, here again, He was bullied and beaten again by the Boyfriend of that Girl and someone also uploaded the Video on the Social Media.

In the last few minutes of episode 1, we get to see that, Hyeong-Seok falls asleep while crying in the corner and after a few minutes when he wakes he finds another Guy in his room, This Guy was tall, Strong, and Handsome, When he looks into the error, he was shocked to see the transformation when he again comes back to his room he saw that old ugly Hyeong-Seok is still sleeping and when he wakes up, He saw that new and Handsome Hyeong-Seok is sleeping.

He got the things cleared now, He understands now that when old Hyeong-Seok is sleeping this new and smart Hyeong-Seok will wake up and when he will be sleeping, Old Hyeong-Seok will wake up. When the new Hyeong-Seok goes to school, everyone goes Crazy for Him, especially the Girls, this was a new feeling for Hyeong-Seok and he was loving the character.

With his abilities and Talent, Hyeong-Seok gets famous in the school and he even beats the strongest, Guy Bosco, in the School and from there he gets super famous in the school. Hyeong-Seok releases that there are many students and old Hyeong-Seok, who are getting bullied every day by the strong and good-looking guys in school and he tries to help everyone. Meanwhile, New Hyeong-Seok also meets with the Mom of old Hyeong-Seok and convinces her that his son is doing fine.


In the last episode, we get to see that New Hyeong-Seok won a Music Competition and helps his Friend to get more and more attention in the college with his singing, In the last few minutes of the show we get to see that the Girl who was helping old Hyeong-Seok in the store was also having the same issues and she is also having the Body double and that’s the reason why she was being nice with Hyeong-Seok.

In the last minutes, we get to see that New Hyeong-Seok says his Final Goodbye to Old Hyeong-Seok and Season 1 of the series ends here, The ending was open for the audiences and now it’s all about theories, As per our theories, The work for New Hyeong-Seok was over and now the Old Hyeong-Seok has friends and that’s why he left the Place and now it’s all upon the Old Hyeong-Seok Hardwork and talent that how he makes the new friend.

This was our Lookism Ending Explained, what are your thoughts about the show? Please let us know in the comments.




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