Loki Ending Explained

Loki Ending Explained

Loki Ending Explained: So I have mixed feeling about Loki, I happy that season 2 is confirmed but on the same line, I am sad that I have to wait for season 2 for so long and the Climax left us with many unanswered questions. Here in the post, I will try to explain the ending of Loki from my point of view. Please note that there are spoilers ahead.

Ending Explained

The Series started with some new and exciting intro, Then we all can see Loki and Sylvie in front of a castle where they both are nervous. Then suddenly the door of the castle opens and they both go into the castle. There they meet the Miss Minutes, she tells all things about He who remains like if you want to kill Thanos or wanted a throne of Asgard, it will be impossible for you but not for him(He who Remains).

Then they go inside and meet He who remains and they tried to kill him but failed. Then they go into the office of He who remains and there he explained how they were failed in killing him, the main reason is he has already seen everything so he knows all moves of Loki and Sylvie. Then he explained why how he makes TVA and how he is controlling everything, Also he introduces Kang the conqueror who is the bad version of himself and we can see him in the upcoming movie or series.

Then comes the moment where He who remains knows nothing and gives two options to Loki and Sylvie. One option is to kill him and destroy the sacred timeline and create the multiverse and the second one is to take the throne and handle this sacred timeline but Sylvie tried to kill him but Loki stops and here started the fight between Loki and Sylvie and Loki tries to explain Sylvie what if he is right and the multiverse will be created but through the temped Sylvie push him into the TVA and kill the He who remains.

In TVA we all can see that multiverse was created and Mobius refuse to know Loki and then Loki sees the statue of He who remains and there he realizes he is another timeline of TVA and he has no idea in which timeline he is?

The series leaves us with many questions and now we have to wait for S2 of Loki and also it will be exciting to see if they connect this with Doctor strange: Madness of multiverse.

Season 2 Coming Or Not?

Yes Offcourse, The Series is coming back with another season, The makers have confirmed that the series will be returning for season 2 for the sure, You will get to know about more updates from season 2.

This was all about Season 2 and the Ending of the Disney+ original series Loki Season 1, please let us know your opinion in the comment box.


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