Last Week Tonight Season 9 Episode 17 Recap & Full Story Explained

Last Week Tonight Season 9 Episode 16 Recap & Explained

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, came back on air after a couple of weeks of off-time and it did come back with a bang of a Judge but with hilarious written on it. This week’s episode particularly took one story and dived straight into it but the hilarious part started in the middle and towards the end, we got double doses of hilariousness and John made up for the lost time.

This episode focussed on the Inflation that not only US is suffering from right now, but its global and also affecting Germany and Britain who are suffering from Inflation that is 4 decades high. Specifically, talking about the US and about the pinpointing the news media and the President along with the politicians are doing, John informed us about this that it’s not only because of just 1 problem, but many combined together.

Inflation has become a big problem not only for humans but also for animals. Penguins in Japan are not eating Mackarel as they were shifted to Mackarel because of the rising prices of Feed.

Inflation is affecting the US in a way that Companies are doing product downsizing in which they charge the same but reduce the size of the product which is also known as “Shrinkflation”. We saw a heartbreaking story of a woman who had to un-retire meaning she retired but her safety net or the money she had saved for retirement lasted only 10 months due to inflation. Republican news outlets blamed the march stimulus bill for inflation.

Everyone in the US is focused on The Fed or The Federal Reserve who has the power to make changes but the issue is that there’s no clear understanding of the inflation is due to Supply or Demand. If the inflation is because of Demand, then the Fed can increase the interest rates for the people and the Fed has power in that sense but if the inflation is because of Supply, the Fed has no power in that sense.

The story ended with John giving an alternative for the low-income household so that they can survive by passing a Refundable Child Tax Credit who those who need it. However, this will be hard but it will give people something to support until the Inflation slows down.

The FUNNY Part starts now, John talked about his special update about Dolls that were mentioned in the web piece that the show released over the July 4 weekend about certain creepy dolls that have been washing up on a particular stretch of beach in Texas that are horrendous to look at, and with also varieties.

John Oliver, on the online piece, said to burn those creepy dolls. But then gave an offer to the person in charge of the beach who is collecting those dolls to ship them to John and in return, John will donate $10,000 to their Sea-Turtle rescue.

With those creepy dolls with him in his studio, John also gave another dose about his previous story in which he offered to buy a vandalized Banana in Yara, Melbourne in Australia. He updated us that he has heard back from them but they declined the offer to send him the Banana but instead offered to name their Polystyrene Recycling Machine after John in exchange for the Alligator.


John, in the end refused to send the Alligator but help up his offer to send $10,000 to their local Food Bank and $5,000 to Koala Chlamydia Ward and for consolation send the 3 Giant Frog Statues for the Machine to be named after him. He’s given them 1 week to respond.


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