Last Week Tonight Season 9 Episode 15 Recap & Explained

Last Week Tonight Season 9 Episode 16 Recap & Explained

HBO’s golden boy who keeps winning Emmy Awards every year like it’s meant for him and him only making people jealous all over their studios whether its Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon, its John Oliver whose variety show, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.

Latest episode of Last Week Tonight was a good one, covering Housing issues in USA particularly the increasing housing prices, which dates to Monarch that has control over 90% of the housing property available on rent.

John focused on what the people are suffering due to increasing rents rising upto 30% of their paychecks and in major cities, its 40% of the total paycheck. The episode also focused on the Housing Vouchers that the Federal Government provides that help the tenants pay a certain proportion of their rent and the rest is paid by the Federal Government which also has a lot of problems, some owners not accepting those vouches because of involvement of the government.

It imposed the detail that some major cities in the US became unfit for living in as early as 1980 due to increasing rent like Los Angeles. It also showed the cases where owners file a case against tenants for eviction that stays on their permanent record and because of that, they are deemed unfit for further consideration for property on rent.

This episode focused on the roof that everyone needs in order to come back to, after a day’s hassle and what big a problem is to live under that roof which eats up your paycheck 30-40%. The episode ended on a good note with John honoring Dakota Johnson’s video clip in which she was giving a tour of her house and was passive aggressively mocking the stylist who put a plate full of lime in her kitchen and John did the same as well.

John Oliver always does something unique and that is one of the reasons is why his show is so popular among people. Its transparent and fun. You can stream Last Week Tonight With John Oliver on Sundays on HBO Max, in India on Mondays on Disney Hostar.

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