Last Week Tonight Season 5 Episode 18 Premise Episode Release Date

Last Week Tonight Season 5 Episode 18 Premise Episode Release Date

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver came back on air after a two week vacation and its suffice to say that we missed John giving his “It has been a busy week” and his hilarious jokes in the middle when we least expect it.

This Episode i.e., S05E17 focused on the Inflation that the world is experiencing right now, specifically focusing on THE US and how it’s looking for its low-income households with the politicians pointing fingers at each other for not seeing this sooner with The Federal Reserve waiting for it to slow down over the course of a year. John and his team suggested a fund meanwhile to combat Inflation.

This episode has been particularly concerning because without goods, the economy and households will shatter from their very core and if things keep on being like this and gas prices soaring to record numbers, it’s going to be a very grim future.

But John was able to make us laugh in between with his updates on hilarious stories from previous that was open to getting addressed like sending his Alligator mascot to Melbourne in exchange for their vandalized Banana and buying Giant Frog statues just to explain the issue of Supply & Demand.

Last Week Tonight is back with us and we’re going to be watching the next episode next week i.e., 1st August 2022. The episode can be streamed on HBO Max.

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