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Kuruthi Review (Malayalam) : Intense, Thrilling and Very Much Sensible

Kuruthi Review: Malayalam movie Kruthi was released today on Amazon Prime Video, I Have just finished the film, and here are some highlights and drawbacks of the film. I am going to review the film and let you know about the film in more detail. I will be talking about the story, Performances, and few more highlights of the film.

The movie stars Prithviraj Sukumaran and Roshan Mathew in main lead roles, the movie also stars Srindaa, Shine Tom Chacko and others, the film is approx 2 Hours long and now available on Amazon Prime Video in Malayalam Audio with English subtitles. The movie is family-friendly and You can watch the film with family, there is some extreme bloodshed, so avoid watching it with small kids.


The plot of the film revolves around Ibrahim (Played by Roshan Mathew) who had a very tragic past after he lost his wife and small daughter in the Horrific landslide a year back. One night suddenly there was a knock at his door and a Police man comes with a Hindu Prisoner who is accused of Killing a Muslim man. Now, the Son of that Victim is searching for that killer guy and while searching he comes to Ibrahim’s house, and there starts an intense fight to save the lives. What happens in the end, to know this you have to watch the full film on Amazon Prime Video.


Roshan Mathew and Srindaa are the biggest highlights of the film. Both had played their character so brilliant that it looks like they are living to their characters. Roshan looks amazing with his intense silence and Painful acting on the other hand the way Srindaa transfers her characters during the film was very amazing. She was just too good in the film. Prithviraj Sukumaran was amazing in the film too, he looks intense, Dangerous and the way he had played the role of an extremest was quite amazing.

Mamukkoya was so good in his role, his dialogue delivery was too good and the last of his last transformations were amazing. Murali Gopy, Naslen K. Gafoor, and Sagar Surya were good in their respective roles.


I will give 100% Marks to Anish Pallyal (the writer of the film), the script of the film was amazing, the lessons, the logic, and the way it connects the dots were so brilliant. It shows today’s society and the best thing about the film is it will not hurt anyone’s sentiments. The writer had tried to show both sides and that adds beauty to the film. The screenplay of the film was brilliant, the film starts a little slow but it hold your nerves till the end and I am sure you are not the left the film in the middle once you start watching. The editing is good, there are no useless songs and dance numbers. The film is pure 2 hours of intense entertainment.

The BGM looks amazing, the soundtracks and background music were lit and it adds a major plus to the film. The locations were amazing and it gives a realistic feel. the Forest chase sequences were just too good. There are some really amazing and sensible dialogues which make this film amazing. Kudos to the writer and dialogue writers.

  • Name Of The Film: Kuruthi
  • Release Date: 11th August 2021
  • Platform: Amazon Prime Video
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Runtime: 120 Minutes
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended?: Yes
  • Family-Friendly?: Yes


I am going with 3 out 5 stars for the film. I would like to add one more thing, the film is not for everyone, If you love thriller and wants to watch a thriller with a sensible twist and some great message you can watch this Amazon Prime Video original film Kuruthi. The film is 2 hours long and you can watch the film with your family.

This was our’s Kuruthi Review what are your thoughts about it?, please let us know in the comment section, if you have watched the film, drop your opinions in the comment section.



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