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Kerra In Rough Diamonds: Who Plays, Actress – Character Explained

Kerra In Rough Diamonds: Tine Joustra plays Kerra McCabe, the grandmother of Tommy and the mother-in-law of Noah. She has been after Noah ever since he returned to Antwerp as she is involved in the drug business. Kerra comes to Antwerp to search for Noah, as he promised to come back and help her in the business but is still dealing with family affairs in Antwerp. When the Wolfsons need help, Kerra proposes a three-way deal to Noah.

Kerra takes Noah to meet the Albanians who want diamonds and are ready to do business. The three-way deal works out: Noah supplies diamonds to the Albanians, they give money to Noah, and they also provide drugs to Kerra. After a while, Noah feels that working with the Albanians is dangerous for his family as they have already been through a lot. So, Noah decides to end the partnership with the Albanians. This irks Kerra as she is scared this might impact her drug business.

Finally, Noah sends the diamonds he has stolen from Marie’s company to London where Kerra lives. When prosecutor Smets asks Noah to reveal the real location of the diamonds, Noah is left with no other option but to reveal that the diamonds are in London at Kerra’s location.

The police arrest Kerra. Well, Kerra is not someone who accepts defeat, so it will be fun to see what unfolds for Noah in the upcoming season.



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