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Kathryn Schroeder Waco Real Image, Son, Where Is She Now? | Netflix

Netflix’s latest douc series ‘Waco: American Apocalypse’ is the story of what happened in 1993 in Waco where cult leader David Koresh faces the federal government for 51 days, one such survivor of them is Kathy Schroeder so if you want to know about her where is she now, so let’s know more about her in this article.

Who is Kathy Schroeder?

She first served in Air Force for three years, then returned to Florida, she was the mother of three and divorced at that time, she then met with her high school friend Michael, and as soon as she fell in love with her they moved to Texas in 1989. With a religious group, whose only aim is to live for the “God”, at Mt. Carmel Centre near Waco.

They were asked to live away from their family, but Kathy was impressed by the leader of the cult David who claimed him as closest to the “God”, and that’s why she slept with her also, as later there were many cases against him for sexually harassing the girls and especially underaged girls, but Kathy always defended him.

Kathy was also a part of his Mighty Men Group, and when the authorities seized them, she was also given a grenade to blow her up with four other members, but she decides to leave there as she felt like her children might need him and she left on March 12, 1993.

Where is Kathy Schroeder Now?

As of now according to reports she is living in Tampa, Florida, and she is still in contact with her children, however, she tells everything to the authorities but was still arrested and her ex-husband was given custody of the kids then, she was given 3-year sentence for her crime.

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