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Kathleen Death: Does Kathleen Die In The Last Of Us? The Last Of Us Episode 5

Kathleen Death: Does Kathleen Die In The Last Of Us?: HBO’s The Last Of Us has come up a little before then it should, with an Episode premiere on Friday night, two days before the scheduled premiere on Sunday Night. The Episode is titled “Endure And Survive” and it starts from the moment Episode 4 left when Joel and Ellie were interrupted by Henry And Sam at gunpoint.

If you’re interested in what happens to Kathleen in the Episode, you’re at the right place.

What Happens To Kathleen? 

Kathleen’s character was introduced in Episode 4 as the Leader of the Resistance in Kansas City which was previously run by FEDRA who were monsters and savages. They ran it however they deemed fit, raped and killed people for 20 years until The Resistance found a chance and killed everyone.

Now, she has but one thing on the top of her priority list which is finding Henry because he is the one who was a collaborator with FEDRA and had given her brother Michael’s information to FEDRA and they had beaten him to death inside a jail cell. Kathleen was able to overthrow FEDRA in Kansas City and is after Henry as well.

Why Was She After Henry? Does She Die?

However, after all her efforts she finds traces of him in an attic that we saw in Episode 4. In Episode 5, she follows him to the residential area where Henry along with Joel had come out of the tunnel and they follow them there after being informed by someone. It starts off with a shootout but then the infected arrive and the whole thing gets messy.

As the four of them run to make their way outside the city to the pedestrian bridge on the river embankment, Kathleen follows Henry and as she was about to kill him, an infected bites her and kills her.



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