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Jung_E Review (Netflix): A Good Concept That Forgets Its Plot

Jung_E (Jung e) Movie Review (Netflix): Yeon Sang-Ho’s latest directorial film is called Jung E, and his last released film was Train to Busan, The film Jung_e was released today on the Netflix and the film was a direct OTT release, Here goes the review of the film.

This film follows the story of people who are at war, and in order to save them, an AI project called Jung_E was created, which we see in the film. whereas in this article, I am going to review this film, which will clear up your doubt that this movie is worth watching.

Jung_E follows the story, which is set in the future, where we see that people are at war between the Allied Forces and the Adrian Republic, and we see that the Kronoid Company plans to create an AI robot where they develop multiple robots to stop the battle.

The plot shifts and we learn that Yun Jung-Yi is in a coma as a result of a failed mission then, Kronoid plans to create an AI machine on her clone brain of her as her ability is very unique and more about her and their mission, which we see in this film which you check it out.

The VFX in this film is epic, as Netflix is known for doing, and makes the film visually appealing; additionally, the AI machine that they created is cool, and the color scheme in the scene is unique, while the music playing in the background is good but not perfect.

Why Jung_E Was Created

Whereas the screenplay is very bad, as this film is around 95 minutes, but it feels long and boring, whereas the story forgets to come to a conclusion and misses the plot, which we think comes to a conclusion. Besides that, the character who plays many roles feels useless, whereas some characters do a great job.

  • Rating: 2/5.
  • Partial guidance: 12+ ages

At last, this film’s concept is unique, but it fails to impact the audience as the story feels dragged out and the screenplay is very bad. Finally, those who want to watch a visually stimulating movie and want to watch it with family, as you see in the film, can do so online.

Aside from that, if you have the time, this is a must-see film; otherwise, skip it.



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