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Joker Gang Vs GumGang Boxing Match Reason, Who Won It? | This Place Rules

Joker Gang Vs GumGang Boxing Match: If you are here it means you already know about the Joke Gang and Gumgang, Here we are going to tell you about the reason behind their Boxing Match and some more details from the fight.

Well, it all started when Gumgang’s girlfriend (ladybird420) started to get hearts in her DM’s by Joker and at one point she had to tell him that she loves GumGang and he needs to stop it.

However, Joker in his defense says that she was flirty with him and that’s why he kept at it. Now, when GumGang saw this, he told Joker to stop messaging his girlfriend and both they clashed after that, The two started having arguments over Livestream but then decided to have a boxing match to settle the scores.

During the Boxing Match between Joker Gang and GumGang, it was Joker won the match.



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