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Jayant Dead Or Alive ? Who Killed Jayant? | Monica O My Daring

Monica O My Daring Explained: “Monica O My Darling” has been released on Netflix this weekend and it has been creating waves for its humorous and neo-noir crime thriller take on the Japanese Novel. Written and directed by Vasan Bala, the film is a comedic account of tragedies that keep happening to a Robotics Company.

The protagonist of the film is Jayant played by Rajkummar Rao who comes from humble beginnings but soon finds himself corrupted when he’s made a board member of the company at a young age. He’s one of the men who’s having an affair with Monica and is cheating on his wife who is also the daughter of the CEO of Unicorn, the company Jayant works for.

Summary Of The Story

The story revolves around Jayant’s efforts to not let this secret of him slip out and become known to Nikki and his father-in-law and doesn’t want everything he’s worked hard for, to slip out of his hands in a matter of minutes. He goes to lengths like murdering Monica to keep this secret and even tries to strangle Monica to death until he looks at himself and what he’s become in the mirror while strangling Monica with his belt.

The whole film stands on the efforts of Jayant trying to keep this from the police and at the same time keeping Arvind in control so he doesn’t break and spill the beans until Arvind gets killed.

What’s interesting about the film is its ending. It feels like an open ending but we have some opinions about what the ending means.

Firstly, normally you’d think that Jayant was able to get out of a similar situation before involving the snake but in the ending, he’s faced with two snakes, front and back and while he was able to save himself the first time, the threat is double this time so the probability turns to half. Moreover, the only source of light at that point is the burning page, and well, its going to be burnt very soon after that, Jayant wouldn’t have any visible way to look at the snake like he did previously so there’s a possible chance that he gets bitten by the snakes and dies.

Another reason is that the director Vasan Bala gave us a hint about Jayant who has this newfound stardom in Unicorn and is scared to lose it to an extent that he would murder someone to protect that.

Now, in the end when his father-in-law tells him that there’s no need to untangle the past, leave it at that and focus on the future and he wants Jayant to be with him and his son which tells that he is fully aware of his doings but still forgives him because he himself is at fault for the murder of Monica and Monica was pregnant with his child.

Why Jayant Goes To Angola?

So, Jayant doesn’t need to worry about anything because he already has the support of his father-in-law and also the police, as ACP Naidu said that it will be a pleasure to do business with him, one day so Jayant had nothing to worry about but he still wanted to get rid of that piece of paper and that wrong turn gets him into another mess and this time, there’s no one else that could save him. This is actually the turn of events that makes this interesting.

Did Jayant Die?

The film is based on the novel titled “Burūtasu No Shinzō”, also known as “Brutus Heart – Perfect Criminal Murder Relay” and there’s a Japanese film based on that novel titled “Brutus’s Heart (2011)” if we see that movie, in the end, the protagonist Tatsuya Fujiwara is murdered by the robot by strangling which is operated by Shugo Oshinari.

So, technically, the protagonist dies and if the film is also similar to the novel, the protagonist i.e., Jayant should also die.


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