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James De La Rosa & Jason Alderman Death: Real Person, Image, Story | Killing County Episode 2

James De La Rosa & Jason Alderman Real Person, Image, Story: In episode 2 of the show, We see the story of James De La Rosa who is only 22 years old. One day, while he is driving a car with his girlfriend police, found out that he is driving differently and when they tried to stop him he drives the car a little bit too fast and then stop.

And when he gets out of the car police shot him. And later, they say that James is going for his gun so in self-defense we shot him.

But later on, they find out that he has no weapon with him as his family says that James recently lost so much weight that his pants are not fitting him so he just got his hands on his pants to set them properly but the police thought that he is going to get his gun and not thinking twice they killed him, But his family to date thinks that police murdered his son.

James De La Rosa Obituary - Austin, TX

Jason Alderman has been found in some robberies and has been to jail, One day when he is robbing the Subway the police shot him, And they said that they saw a gun in Jason’s hand but later they found the thing they assumed was a gun is a part of BMW which just liked like a gun.

Jason’s mother agrees that her son has made wrong choices but who is the police to kill him the law is there for that.



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