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Jai Bhim Movie True Story | Real Life Characters

Jai Bhim Movie True Story: Suriyaโ€™s new film Jai Bhim is getting all the love from the audiences as well as the critics, you can also check our review of the film in the review section of our blog. Many of our readers were asking about the idea behind the story of the film, is it based on a Real or True story? Is there any real-life character named Chandru and is there any similarity between real and reel life. Here in the post, we are going to tell you all details about the film along with the pictures.

The movie stars Suriya in the main lead role, the movie also stars super talented Prakash Raj, Rajisha Vijayan, and Lijomol Jose is crucial and supporting roles. The film is produced by 2D Entertainment and created by T. J. Gnanavel.

Advocate Chandru In Real Life?

Now coming to the main topic, Is the character of Suriya inspired by the real-life character, The answer is Yes, the character of Suriya is inspired by the real-life character of a real-life senior advocate named Chandru, he worked mainly for human rights and as mentioned in the film, he never charged a single penny for human rights cases.

Is That Case Is Real?

Like the characters of the film, the case of the film is also real, the film is based on a real-life case in 1993, where Advocate Chandru fought all alone to give justice to the Irular tribe woman. The film revolved around the same case and almost all the happening in the film were similar to case and real life.

So, Yes the film is based on the real-life story of Advocate Chandru and the real-life case of 1993 in which Advocate Chandru fought against all the odds and won the case for the Irular tribe woman.

This was all about it, Please donโ€™t forget to check our review of this film in the review section, for more news and updates regarding movies and films, stay tuned with us and follow us on social media.


  1. No doubt that Suriya sir is awesome but this movie….Oh god it was brilliant really I have no words for this story.Before watching this movie I was confused to decide my future and what should I want to be but now after watching this brilliant movie I had decided that now I want to be a lawyer only a lawyer.Plz plz plz send this msg to Suriya sir as I am very very big fan of him plz.Lots of love to Suriya sir from north.

  2. This movie asks a person himself a question whether this is how we treat our fellow human beings in which way ? Hats off to director and every one reason for it and as a part in it . let us encourage a movie like this to support a crime less nation . Thank u chandru sir

  3. It is a bold movie about basic human rights and human dignity. Superb acting by the lead characters especially Surya and Prakash Babu.

  4. super movie i was shocked to hear that this was a real story . no one should be tortured like this in our society. im soo sad. but its ok because it was a happy ending . whatever he got justice after his death . RIP Rajakannu

  5. Story is the hero in this movie. Hats off to the real hero Lawer Chandru. Big applause to the Director. I do not see any cinema heroes in this movie. I saw Chandru, Raja kannu and Sengani in this movie.

  6. We cannot control our emotions while watching movie and peopl will respect law after watching this movie, I can say one of the best movie of the century.

  7. I really appreciated advocate Mr chendru, he gives justice to tribe people that to he will not take single NP, i wanted to meet him once in my life. Because i am also run same way.

  8. I think thru the movie the message they are trying to put across is, all are humans. Flesh, blood and emotions. Only stupid ones will see indifference in humans.

    • I read somewhere that it is a christian police officer. all anti Hindu gang played their role in renaming christian officer as Hindu. shame to media.

  9. Is it true that Gurumurthy SI was a Christian in real life? Many if my friends were talking about it saying they have hidden some names & shown only Hindus?

    Whatever is the truth, it is a brilliant movie & shame on all of us to allow & continue to allow such atrocities on poor Dalits.


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