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Is Sam Making Progress At Therapy? The Patient Episode 3: “Issues”

FX’s “The Patient” has released its 3rd Episode this week after premiering last week with the first two Episodes. Starring a great cast of Steve Carrell and Domhnall Gleeson, the series tells the story of a psychiatrist that is held captive by a patient that has been suppressing his violent urges and is also a serial killer. The serial killer has kidnapped the therapist so his treatment is resumed on his terms and a place where he feels safe which is with the therapist in his own house chained to a bed.

Episode 3 started right from the last Episode where Dr. Strauss hears footsteps of a person above and calls to that person to come down and that person turns out to be Sam’s Mother who knows everything about her son and even if she doesn’t support her son’s actions but she will not give her son up to the police.

Alan understood that and discussed that with Sam when he arrives at dinnertime. In their conversation, they discuss Sam’s past and how his abusive father left them. Alan comes up with a new idea to tackle the problem which is to include Sam’s Mother in therapy and make it as Family Therapy to which Sam agrees.

Alan comes up with a new perspective on how to get Sam to control the urge to kill the restaurant owner which is to stop killing for the sake of her mother so she can stop feeling the pain and by doing that, Sam can actually protect his mother. Sam tries to do that for some time but that delusion of Alan is broken when he comes back at night telling him that he went to that Greek restaurant whose owner he wants to kill and it all came down to the main thing is that it didn’t make him feel better and he still wants to kill him.

The main twist of the Episode came towards the end when Alan wakes up in the middle of the night to Sam dragging a guy inside and then taking him inside another room close to where Alan is and then coming out and closing the door. We’re not sure who that person is, which is for the upcoming Episodes to tell us.



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