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Is ‘Gannibal’ Based On A True Story? | Hulu & Disney+ Hotstar

Is ‘Gannibal’ Based On A True Story?: Based on the Manga of the same name, Gannibal tells us the story of Daigo Agawa who has been transferred to the village of Kuge as a residential officer after the previous one goes missing.

However, if you’ve already watched the first two Episodes, you must be wondering whether what you’ve seen is based on a real story or not and the compelling story along with a rural setting makes you question that as well.

Is Gannibal Based On A True Story?

Well, from our research, the drama is based on the manga of the same name which is not based on any real-life story and it does not even make any claims about it. However, if we look at the cannibalism history in Japan, we will find a lot of scenarios where the Japanese turned to cannibalism.

We will be able to easily find such instances during World War 2 when Japan sided with Germany when for survival the Japanese soldiers resorted to cannibalism not limiting it to just the enemies but also prisoners of war and civilians.

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One of the examples would be when the Japanese World War 2 occupied The Philippine archipelago after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and resorted to Cannibalism. It has also been mentioned in Radio Tanaka’s 1996 book, The Hidden Horrors: Japanese War Crime in World War II.

However, there’s no specific evidence that would base Gannibal on a real-life story.



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