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Immature Season 3 Release Date? Is It Coming?

Immature Season 3 Release Date: Season 1 and Season 2 were blockbusters and like always season 2 ends at the Cliffhanger and left us with many unanswered questions, The TVF series is getting Positive responses from the audiences, Here we are going to tell you about the Immature Season 3 Release Date and some more updates about the show.

The news is, that TVF is already Planning to make season 3 of the series, The story for the show is already in Mind, but the final scripting and casting are yet to be done. As of now, season 3 of the show is confirmed and if everything goes well we may get to see it by 2024.

TVF takes time for their content and that’s the reason why we have to wait for 2 Years for the 3rd Season, season 2 was also released after a huge gap of around 4 Years, The wait was worth it and we hope you liked the show Too.

So this was the short update about the Immature Season 3 Release Date, Are you excited for season 3, and did you like season 1?, Please let us know in the comments.



  1. I’m really excited for season 3… But i want to see it as soon as possible and 2 year is to much for me and all of us , I’m requesting… If possible pls release it soon atleast in last after half year of 2023. 🙏😊

  2. I loved the immature season 1 and 2 but I am eagerly and desperately waiting for season 3 in this season you should bring chavvi and chhaya both together and dhruv has to choose between his love and friendship as enough of season 2 chaya was falling for dhruv it would be an interesting storyline my request to makers to make more no. Of episodes at 10 episodes in a season and duration of the episodes should be 45 to 50 mins and release season 3 early as possible can’t wait

  3. Waiting for season 3 I’m so excited
    I can’t express my feelings in words
    This series is awesome😊 please release is very fast


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