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House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap: A Storm’s Arriving!

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap: House Of The Dragon, an HBO Original Series set 200 Years ago from the events of Game Of Thrones has released its second Episode after it debuted last week on the streaming giant HBO and Disney Hotstar in India.

The second episode is titled “The Rogue Prince” and it continues the story after Daemon is asked to go to Runestone there’s increased tension about the future of the Realm since the King is with no wife and the heir line is short.

The Episode started with showing us another part specifically The Stepstones where we’re met by a Myrish Prince also known as The Crabfeeder who is feeding the Westerosi Sailors to the crabs and those fleets include Lord Corlys’s fleets as well. Lord Corlys fears that happening to his ships since he is the Lord Of Ships for the Realm and wants the king to do something in this matter.

The King, however, chooses not to provoke War until the moment it is unavoidable and that creates tension in the court. The Episode’s title suggests that Daemon must’ve done something and yes, he does.

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He steals a Dragon Egg from Dragonstone and not only any Egg, the one Rhaenyra had chosen for Baelon’s cradle. Stealing that Dragon Egg, he now resides in Dragonstone and sends an invite to The King announcing his marriage with his whore and will complete that marriage in Targaryen Ritual, placing the Dragon Egg beside the child in its cradle.

The King sends his Hand along with 20 soldiers to retrieve the Egg but that retrieval becomes thrilling when Rhaenyra comes there riding on her dragon and retrieves that Egg herself to prevent bloodshed. The Episode’s most “Eyebrow Raise” moment comes when Lord Corlys and his wife “The Queen who never was” propose to the King that he marry their eldest daughter Lady Laena who is only 12.

During this, we see frequent visits from Lady Alicent (The Hand’s daughter and Rhaenyra’s Friend) to the King and they seem to be developing a good relationship that comes off as a shock when at the end of the Episode, the King shocks Lord Corlys & Rhaenyra when he announces that he will be marrying Lady Alicent reacting to which Rhaenyra storms out of the Court feeling betrayed.

Feeling betrayed of a permanent position by The King himself, Lord Corlys goes to Daemon and proposes a new alliance in which he wants to join Daemon now and they seem to be discussing the troubles in The Stepstones and how correcting that problem will help Daemon showing Westeros of how powerful and rightful heir he is to the Realm. Towards the end of the episode, we’re met by The Crabfeeder who is nailing sailors to wooden statues and feeding them to the crabs.

House Of The Dragon is about to get a whole lot more interesting with a storm starting and we’re entering the eye of the storm slowly.



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