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House of Secrets The Burari Deaths Review (Netflix)

House of Secrets The Burari Deaths Review: This is one of the most awaited doc series and I was waiting for this for a long, created by Leena Yadav, Netflix Doc. series House Of Secrets The Burari death is based on the true story of Delhi where 11 house members of a family in Delhi were found hanging from there ceilings, I just finished the series and here is the detailed review of the series.

If you are from India or from Delhi, I am very sure that you had heard about this incident a few years back, this incident shocked the nation, media and everyone, there were many theories and everyone has lots of unanswered questions, the documentary has total 3 episodes and all are approx 40 minutes long, the Doc series will answer all of your questions.

As I Told you earlier, the story starts in a house in Burari (Delhi), where all house members were found hanging from the ceiling of the house and their hands were tied with ropes, Police starts an investigation of the case and they reached a shocking conclusion. All 3 episodes are full of twists and turns and this series will make your day.

I would this one is one of the best docs. series that ever made in India, the series is shocking and scary, it gives the real vibe and I liked the amount of research done by the team. Makers tried to make it as real as they can and they are very successful in that, the series looks like live film and the thing and incident looks fresh, the amount of research that team had done is just incredible.

The series almost cover everything, the role of media, how local reacts and the impact of these incidents on local, episode 1 is much about the thrill and some scary moments, episode 2 is about clearing the misinformation and the last episode is about the shocking climax and the reason behind these deaths.

I am going with 4 out 5 stars for the Documentary series, Skip everything and just tune to Netflix and watch this Amazing Show, the doc. series is one of the best Documentaries available on Netflix, it is full of thrill, suspense and it never bores you. Please note that there are some really shocking and disturbing visuals, so avoid watching it with kids, Watch it with adults and family members and I am sure this series will be made you rethink the Culture, Traditions, and many other beliefs.

This was our review of Netflix’s original Documentary series House Of Secrets The Burari Deaths, what are your thoughts about it? , Please let us know in the comment section, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.


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